Tiny bulbs

Lisa and Alec Flaum osthill@htc.net
Sat, 14 Feb 2004 07:18:22 PST
Dear Jane,

How about Allium rubrovitattum?  Mine are in the ground, but I plan to move one to a
trough this year.  Tiny and really pretty, 1 bulb puts out 4-5 burgundy drumsticks.

Also Allium chamaemoly ssp littoralis, which I got from Monocot Nursery.  Again, mine is in
the rock garden, but it hugs the ground, blooms very late in the year(sometimes through
the snow), stays fairly green through the winter and the developing seed pods are
neat to look at.   Not flashy, but anything that blooms at the end of November pretty much has the 
stage to itself.


Lisa Flaum
Waterloo, IL
central USA
clay soil, Hot humid summers (to 105F, 40C) generally dry, punctuated by gully washers
Cold, wet, cloudy winters, little snow cover, intense freeze/thaw cycle (-10F, -25C)

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