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Fri, 13 Feb 2004 07:29:56 PST
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  L. radiata radiata, the triploid form common in cultivation, is more or
less hardy up here in Indiana.  > The diploid form, Lycoris radiata pumila,
is not hardy here, as far as I
 can tell from trying it a couple of times


I find it interesting that, once again, the high ploidies prove a bit
hardier.  It has been postulated that many of the northern forms of plants
are polyploids and better suited to the extremes.  Many of the Paeonia are
tetraploid in the far north of their ranges.  Maybe this is a method to
create hardy bulbs?  Has anyone tried colchicine treatment of scales, etc?
I know they have suceeded with Lilium, but I do not know what method was
used. This may all be way off base, but...

Jamie V.

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