diana chapman
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 08:33:51 PST
Hi Mary Sue and All:

My problem with Scoliopus is getting it past the one and two year seedling
stage.  It is besieged by slugs and snails, and moss and liverworts choke
the seedlings out.  Does anyone have a magic formula for keeping moss and
liverworts out of seedling pots?  It's true that I haven't had much time to
pay attention to my batches of seedlings in the past two years, and I will
certainly be trying again.  In the forests locally where Clintonia
andrewsiana and Scoliopus bigelovii are fairly common, you rarely see any
slug or snail damage to the leaves even though slugs especially are abundant
(and VERY large - six inches at least).  Deer seem to nibble on Scoliopus
leaves and possibly the flowers and seed pods, but not that much.


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