Yellow delphiniums

Jane McGary
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 09:52:22 PST
Jim asked,
Has anyone out there tried the yellow Delphinium? It qualifies as a
>geophyte. [D. zalil/sulphureum]

There's an even more geophytic yellow delphinium which is easier to obtain 
and grow: D. luteum from California. It self-sows happily in my bulb frame 
though it has not survived our colder winters outdoors. I offered some 
free, as an experiment, on my bulb list last summer and would be interested 
to know whether any of them are showing growth yet.

Oh, and I would add to Diane Whitehead's list of yellow tuberous anemones, 
Anemone palmata from the Iberian Peninsula, which should be in every garden 
in California although it struggles mightily against the winters here. It 
is easily grown even from stored seed. Nothing is a brighter, purer yellow 
than the form I have here, but I recently saw a picture of a duller-colored 
form in the wild.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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