Jim McKenney
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 09:18:14 PST
Judy mentioned BSE: did anyone else hear as I did that researchers have not
ruled out the possibility that humans could contract SE from handling bone
meal? Yikes! 

At 11:09 AM 1/23/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>The way I understand it, in olden times bone meal was manufactured from
>fresh bones, perhaps with some meat scraps still attached. Today, bones are
>steamed to extract fats from the marrow, used to manufacture who knows what,
>soap perhaps. And bones are mechanically scraped clean of meat scraps (that,
>in these BSE-conscious times, I hope is used for pet food and not hot dogs.)
>So much of what previously would have been incorporated as a plant nutrient
>is removed. Besides, all the skunks in my neighborhood dig for the bones
>they think are buried.
>One fertilizer I used to get was leather tankage, a good dust-fine nitrogen
>source produced in the manufacture of leather buttons at some Long Island
>factory. Any other odd materials you've used and found valuable?
>Judy in still cold, still snow-covered New Jersey
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