Tigridia philippiana

Robert Hamilton robhamilton@trump.net.au
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 03:42:43 PST
Hi  al,

I  obtained  seed of this  species  from the  ABA  seed list  in  2002 
courtesy  of   donor  Julian Slade. I  was  very  happy  to  get this  
winter  growing  Tigridia.

Seed  sown  in June 02   germinated in August  02  and grew through  

In  winter  2003 a  few  seedlings  reappeared  looked   very  unhappy  
for a short  while  then  dissapeared.

Alberto made  the  following  comments  on this  species  on the pbs  
forum :

"Tigridia philippiana from hot northern Chile is a autumn/winter 
/spring grower with a dry summer dormancy. It grows in full sun in well 
drained soils under frost free conditions."

Oh  well,   I  though (momentarily) ,  I  cant  grow  everything. Then 
during  late  spring  2  seedlings  reappeared  and in the last  week a 
  third  has come  up.

I  am  thinking that  this   may  be another  example  of  a bulbous  
species  changing  its growth  pattern  to  suit its new  climate  . 
Time  will   tell  I  guess.


Rob  in Tasmania

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