mis-ID'd colchicum

Russell Stafford odysseybulbs@earthlink.net
Fri, 16 Jan 2004 05:30:39 PST
I can sympathize with Dave, especially because we unwittingly sent him some 
of the misidentified colchicums to which he refers.  This is why we no 
longer directly resell colchicum corms unless we are certain of their 
identity -- which means we are now trying to figure out a way to grow and 
identify thousands of their corms.  This -- unlike the cultivation of 
crocuses, oxalis, and the like, many of which we grow in containers -- will 
take some tillable acreage.  Some colchicum species and cultivars can be 
identified by their corms -- C. speciosum 'Album' and C. byzantinum being 
two.  Others -- particularly the hybrids -- are a morass.  I have yet to 
receive a true 'Giant' from a grower.  Then there are the absolutely 
laughable substitutions -- C. 'Dick Trotter' labeled as C. atropurpureum, 
for example (even I figured that one out pretty quickly).  The colchicums 
are a beautiful but at present muddled tribe.

As for the monograph -- anyone got some grant money?


At 10:09 PM 1/15/2004 -0800, Dave Karnstedt wrote:
Bingo!  In the last couple of years, I have bought a great many colchicum 
and have been quite disappointed with respect to just how mixed they really 
are.  A few sorts are so distinctive, however, that mix-ups are rare, e.g., 
the few doubles.

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