Mark Smyth
Sun, 18 Jan 2004 14:46:45 PST
hi all and Judy

"Doing a bit of research, I came upon G. elwesii v. hyemalis"

Galanthus elwesii is divided into three groups
elwesii var elwesii has two separate marks on the inner petals. One at the
base and the other on the apex on the inner petals. These can be joined by a
fine line or in some cases it can be a solid green mark.
elwesii var monostictus have a single green mark on the apex of the inner
elwesii var hiemalis are usually in flower before the New Year

"masses of a double snowdrop with faint green markings"

Galanthus nivalis with green tips and double are 'Octopussy', 'Pusey
Green-tips' and 'Walrus'. Yours is most likely to be the latter as it is
more readily available.


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