Yellow and Orange

Barbara Weintraub
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 17:45:57 PST
Gosh! I do love those hot colors! In fact, I am experimenting with 
hot-colored gardens that include yellow, gold, orange, scarlet, cardinal. 
I've found that paler yellows and gold don't go, and neither do scarlet and 
cardinal (one on the orange side of red, the other on the bluish side).

I also have a killer xeric garden (designed, but only in my head for now) 
of yellow and bright pink, concentrating on western - and especially local 
New Mexican - natives. I just need to find a client who will allow me to 
plant it on their land.

No bulbs to mention yet from these experiments, as I'm still moving plants 
around. Next year...

- Barbara

Leaf and Stone
Barbara L. Weintraub
Santa Fe, NM
7000 ft. elevation

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