Five favorite yellow-flowered geophytes

Jim McKenney
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 18:37:54 PST
Here's what I'm about to try for Colchicum luteum and, should I be able to
acquire another one,  Iris winogradowii: after the plants enter dormancy,
I'll give them a few weeks at prevailing temperatures and then  try storing
them in the refrigerator for the rest of the summer. The refrigerator here
gets opened so many times a day that the temperature is probably in the low
40s F much of the time, if that.

Has anyone else out there tried this? I would like to try this with some
alpine Saxifraga, too. Maybe even experiment with pushing them into two
growth/dormancy cycles per calendar year.

If it works, I could go into the Eritrichium nanum and Myosotidium
business! Sorry, I'm wandering far off topic. 

Any thoughts, anyone (about the refrigerator business, not my wandering)? 

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, zone 7, where the noctifloras would be opening
if I had any and it's time to close down for the day.

At 06:27 PM 1/21/2004 -800, you wrote:
>On 21 Jan 04 at 12:14, Jim McKenney wrote:
>> 4. Iris winogradowii: faints during the summer
>It's a mountain plant that doesn't like to go very dry in summer. 
>Mine never grew so well as when I had them in a large terracotta pot 
>plunged in sand, and rushed out every morning all summer long to pour 
>the cold tea from the previous morning into the pot.
>> 5. a yellow tiger lily (Lilium lancifolium aka L. tigrinum), if
>> there has ever been such a thing
>I have what is supposed to be this very thing.
>Rodger Whitlock
>Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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