Cultural Notes for Haemanthus

Dell Sherk
Thu, 08 Jan 2004 04:16:21 PST
Tips on growing Haemanthus from seed

Be mindful that I live in coastal Southern California, here is the "system"
that works for me:

The soil mix/blend that I am finding most successful consists of 50%
commercial seed starter, 25% clean sand (ie. sandbox sand), and about 25%
coarse bulb mix (redwood, forest mulch, peat, perilite, pumice, and coarse
sand or sifted D.C.). (I don't measure with my wife's measuring cup)

Mix these together mixing in water so that the mixture is "moist." Fill a 4"
to 6" plastic pot to within a half inch of the rim.

Space the seeds on top of this mixture and press them into the mix. (If you
are "fussy" make slight indentations in the mix and place one seed in each)
Keep the mix slightly moist (I use a spray bottle).

When the seeds germinate and start to grow, I shift over to watering from
the bottom. Use a plastic tray to place the water in and it will be absorbed
by the soil mix. I think that watering from the top allows excess water to
sit around the bulb and cause rot. Watch carefully and do your best to keep
the seedlings growing for at least 2 years. I shoot for 3 years if possible.

When the roots grow out of the holes in the bottom of the pot, I transplant
them at their first dormancy to a slightly more coarse mix (especially
adding either pumice or sifted DC.

Some of these seeds are from bulbs grown by this "formula."

I will answer more specific questions.

Doug Westfall

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