New member introduction
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 05:01:39 PST
Having already "introduced" myself by replying hastily to Arnold T.'s
welcome without noticing that I was posting to the entire list, I will now
try to do better!

I live and garden in upstate New York (USA), a USDA zone 5 area lying in
Lake Ontario's snow belt.  We average around 10ft/3m of snow annually;
right now, we have around 18" on the ground, and the thermometer reads -9F.
I own a nursery (Seneca Hill Perennials), and grow a wide range of things. 
Among the geophytes are arisaemas, arums, cyclamen, and assorted South
Africans whose hardiness I have been testing (and I'm not sure I expect to
see them again after this winter, though many have done fine in the open
garden for 4 or 5 years now).  The latter include Eucomis (autumnalis,
bicolor, montana), Dierama (pauciflorum, dracomontanum, trichorrhizum),
Gladiolus (oppositiflorus subsp. salmoneus, saundersii, a couple of old
dalenii hybrids), and one lone Moraea huttonii (which survived last winter
just fine).  I also have a pretty full complement of higher-altitude
kniphofia species, but though Silverhill lists them with the bulbous
plants, they aren't, really.

I've been meaning to join this list for a long time, and am glad to have
finally done so.  With luck I'll now manage to fill out my PBS membership
and get it in the mail.  What else can you do when it's -9F outside?

Ellen Hornig

Seneca Hill Perennials
Oswego, New York  USA
USDA zone 5

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