Ledebouria and Eucomis

Bonsaigai37@aol.com Bonsaigai37@aol.com
Wed, 28 Jan 2004 19:37:20 PST
Hello All
Just a few quickies about Ledebouria.  I have a number of different species.  
Are they self sterile/fertile?  I have L. galpinii spiking for the first time 
and really want to pollinate it.  Timing?  Others are showing growth but it 
is too soon to tell if flowers are on the way.  

Earlier this year an unknown species (all intents and purposes - Ledebouria, 
Somalia, purchased as Drimia...) appeared to be self fertile, although not 
readily; many flowers, only one or two fertile capsules per inflorescence.

Same questions for Eucomis... is it self fertile?  I have E. vandermervei 
that bloomed this past season.  Now, only a single capsule has formed after 
rather intense pollination sessions.  Am I missing some technique?  (I'll stop now, 
it's a "G" rated list after all.)  The other species readily produce seeds 
although I grow them without seed collection at the time.  They could easily 
cross and I wouldn't know it. 

Be Well,
Michael Loos

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