Books about Chile's plants

Brent A. Hine
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:01:47 PST
Here at U. of B.C. Botanical Garden we're certainly interested in 
obtaining such books.  There is so little available; this would be a 
real boon, just from the standpoint of stirring interest in this great 
untapped region.

Brent Hine
Vancouver, B.C.
zone 7b

Pacific Rim wrote:

> Jane McGary suggests that the NARGS book service might do us a great favor
> by stocking a series of books about the flora of Chile.
> I would buy the books if they were offered. Perhaps other members of these
> lists could signal their interest, too.
> Jan Slater, who runs the NARGS book service, has been very helpful in other
> situations. Public comments from her would be welcome, too.
> Paige Woodward
> on top of Chilliwack Mountain
> in southwest British Columbia
> Canada
> wet Zone 6

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