Naming and introduction of Lilium Enchantment

Jim McKenney
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 19:20:36 PST
A short note titled "New Lilies Introduced by the Oregon Bulb Farm"
submitted by Jan De Graaff in the first issue of The Lily Yearbook of the
North American Lily Society, 1947-48 gives this information:
"The Oregon Bulb Farm, Gresham, Oregon, announces the naming and
introduction of the following lilies, either in 1946 or 1947:...

Enchantment - (United States Plant Patent applied for)..."

So that narrows down the date of naming. 

In an article titled "A Commercial Lily Breeding Program" published in 1946
in The American Lily Year Book, Jan De Graaff gives a brief history of lily
breeding at the Oregon Bulb Farms. Here is what DeGraaff said: 
"...To be both horticulturally and commercially successful...a program must
have a definite and carefully planned goal...This plan, to which we have
adhered during the last fifteen years...[kept] us fully occupied during the
war years..."  

Evidently lily breeding at the Oregon Bulb Farms extended back to the early
'30's and was well on its way during the war years. So although I have yet
to track down a date for the "birth" of Lilium Enchantment, and 1938 does
seem a bit of a stretch, it's not out of the question. 

Assuming that it took two years to bloom from seed, and several years were
given to evaluation and bulking up stock, and maybe a year of hesitation
over the strength of post-war market demand, a date close to 1938 is
definitely not out of the question.

Has anyone out there seen the actual birth certificate?

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, zone 7, home of some genuine liriophiles 

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