Favorite Yellow Flowered Bulbs--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 19 Jan 2004 10:13:23 PST
Dear All,

With all the recent posts I am almost reluctant to post a new topic for 
this week. Ironically, thanks to Jim Waddick and Alpine-l, Galanthus is 
scheduled to be a topic for February. So it looks like we might get an 
introduction after our discussion. Please continue all the threads going on 
now as long as you like even though I am introducing a new one.

Rhoda McMaster suggested that we could have a topic of the week where 
people shared their favorite 5s. This was something she said that everyone 
could participate in and wouldn't required an introduction (both of those 
ideas I like). One of our topics this past summer was favorite bulbs for shade.

This week's topic is your favorite five (or more) yellow flowered 
geophytes. I know people who try to avoid yellow in their garden for some 
reason, but I like it as it is cheerful and goes well with blue which is 
another of my favorite colored flowers. Please share your favorites in this 
category. I'm not quite ready since when I looked through my data base I 
had about 20 strong candidates and will need to reduce them. To help me I 
decided to use as my criteria ones that I am growing (versus ones I have 
seen in the wild) and ones that are reliable bloomers and have bloomed more 
than once. That will remove plants like Ornithogalum dubium that for me is 
hit or miss. If it came up every year, it would certainly make my list. But 
if others want to include plants they don't grow or plants that bloomed 
once that is fine with me. We should get a broad range of plants since we 
have people from all over the world, but more than one nomination is just fine.

Mary Sue
PBS TOW coordinator

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