A couple of my favorite Yellow Flowered Bulbs

Laura & Dave toadlily@olywa.net
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 00:26:24 PST
I don't yet have a lot of yellowed flowered bulbs, but I like the ones I 
do have (or hope I still have!).
      One that I tried despite warnings that "it probably wouldn't 
survive" is Muscari macrocarpum.  This is it's fourth year with me, and 
not only is it surviving, but increasing both in size and number. 
Besides being lovely, it has a subtle, delightful odor.
      Ok, not strictly yellow, unless you ignore the white, but Tulipa 
tarda has such a happy, perky, sunny flower I'm going to include it 
anyway.  These are my favorites, after all.
      I'm having a little trouble with Tulipa urumiensis, but I hope a 
more normal winter will encourage it to stick around.  We had a really 
prolonged mid-winter warm spell last year that really confused some of 
the bulbs, to their detriment.
      Not a bulb, and I'm not even sure it's tuberous rooted, but a 
swell plant anyway is Ranunculus gramineus.  Nice big yellow flowers, up 
in the air where you can see them.  And it behaves like a winter growing 
bulb at least.
      Throw in a nice crocus, fritillaria, Narcissus (such as N. 
bulbocodium) or Allium (A. moly?) and there are my five.  This week.

Dave Brastow
South end of Puget Sound, WA

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