Bulbs for California's Central Valley

Roy M. Sachs rmsachs@ucdavis.edu
Sun, 25 Jan 2004 10:20:11 PST
>      Please recommend some bulbs/geophytes for beginners for California's
>Central Valley.   These should be Meditterranean climate type bulbs which will
>receive no or little water during the summer and natural rainfall in 
>the winter.
>   Summer days are usually above 100 degrees, with summer nighttime lows in
>the 70-80s, and winters are cool and damp, 35-45 degrees, but rarely freezing.
>      My daughter is buying a new home there in a tract development in Selma,
>near Fresno, California.   The soil appears to be well drained and was
>probably an old Thompson seedless grape vineyard.   I have many 
>bulbs I can share
>with her but my Medit. climate is coastal northern California, with 
>cool, wetter
>winters and cool dry summers, rarely above 80 degrees day, usually in 60s at
>night. I doubt if Lachenalias would be successful in Selma, but many 
>are in the area.

Richard:  I grow callas of all kinds, amaryllids, watsonias, 
acidanthera, crocosmias, some lilies, some species tulips and many 
alstroemeria with pretty good success if I make sure that everything 
gets at least 30% shade (I use shade cloth) or I plant them in 
locations more protected from the afternoon sun.

Of course, when the north wind blows with ambient temps near 100 F 
everything takes a beating, shade or no.


Davis, Sacramento Valley..not quite as bad as Selma but close.

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