Bulbs for California's Central Valley

Sue Haffner sueh@csufresno.edu
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 12:14:33 PST
Hi, Richard,

I garden in Clovis, not too far from Selma. Selma is a nice little town, by the
way, but is growing fast.
Amaryllis belladonna ("Naked Ladies") survive here with no care, at all.
Velthemia, in a protected spot
Lachenalias would not survive the winter in the ground, I fear. They haven't, even
in my fairly protected back yard. I have them in pots.
Chasmanthe--can get invasive, though, as they really like our climate.

Hope this helps a bit.

Sue Haffner

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From: RichardPIV@aol.com
Date: Saturday, January 24, 2004 1:54 pm
Subject: [pbs] Bulbs for California's Central Valley

>     Please recommend some bulbs/geophytes for beginners for 
> California's 
> Central Valley.   These should be Meditterranean climate type 
> bulbs which will 
> receive no or little water during the summer and natural rainfall 
> in the winter. 
>  Summer days are usually above 100 degrees, with summer nighttime 
> lows in 
> the 70-80s, and winters are cool and damp, 35-45 degrees, but 
> rarely freezing.
>     My daughter is buying a new home there in a tract development 
> in Selma, 
> near Fresno, California.   The soil appears to be well drained and 
> was 
> probably an old Thompson seedless grape vineyard.   I have many 
> bulbs I can share 
> with her but my Medit. climate is coastal northern California, 
> with cool, wetter 
> winters and cool dry summers, rarely above 80 degrees day, usually 
> in 60s at 
> night. I doubt if Lachenalias would be successful in Selma, but 
> many Agapanthus 
> are in the area.
> Richard
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