yellow-flowered bulbs

Cathy Craig
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 13:12:38 PST
Jim McKenney wrote:
"They are stored in
earth under frame lights to keep off rain. Both temperature and relative
humidity here tend to be high all summer, so much so that it's hard to keep
some things dry enough.

The procedure outlined above seems to work for a wide variety of summer
dormant bulbs. But not all. I had Fritillaria aurea last year for the first
time. Every bulb grew and bloomed. I was smitten. When the vegetative
growth died down, I checked the bulbs. They were plump and surrounded by
dozens of little ones. Success! Hardly: by the end of the summer not a
scrap was left alive. They had been stored as described above. Were they
too dry? Too hot?"

I hope we hear from a few others on this. Last year we spent a lot time 
discussing bulb storage during dormancy and it was an extremely interesting 
topic. Considering F.i.s propensity for fungus, sounds like the heat 
combined with the moisture may have been the culprit.

As for the yellow delphinium, I would be surprised if Mary Sue does not grow 

Cathy Craig EA

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