Joyce Miller onager@midtown.net
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 17:08:16 PST
Dear Lewisia lovers,
         I am mad for Lewisia. In the past three or four years I have grown 
a few hybrid seed (no guess as to parents) to mature, flowering, in the 
ground plants.  I used the late B. Leroy Davidson's 'Lewisias' as my 
guide,  Cathy, with your USDA Zone 9A and my Zone 9B, we can grow in the 
ground, with care.

         Mine are in a special raised bed augmented with about 200# 
sand.  A half brick was inserted into each planting spot level with the 
ground.  One plant was placed hard against a single brick.  The exposure is 
fully eastern with some from the south in early day.  Shade for the 
afternoon is a Pinus.  Yet, no branches hang over the plants for they do 
not like moisture dripping onto their leaves.  Like some cacti, they have a 
caudex which keeps them going during summer dormancy.  Dormancy can be 
completely deciduous or evergreen according to the species grown.  In the 
summer heat 90 - 100 degrees F, I water  about once weekly.  With the sand 
and raised beds, the soil drains very quickly.

Bill, I imagine your success with the clay potted plant had a lot to do 
with the shade you provided and your intuitive good judgement on watering.

Michael,   You are correct.  Winter wetness can do them in, but not dry 
cold. Many Lewisia sp. come from montane areas which are snow covered in 
the winter.  Snow is water held in frozen form.  Thus the plants are cold 
but dry.

Kind regards,  Joyce Miller

Joyce E. Miller   mailto:onager@midtown.net
Zone USDA 9A Summer highs 100+degrees F for several to many days.  Winter 
lows 27 degrees F  

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