February TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 15:57:55 PST
Dear Alpine-L and PBS friends;
	A couple months ago the Alpine-L email list started an Alpine Topic of the 
Week (ATOW) modeled after the Pacific Bulb Society (PBS) Topic of the Week 
(TOW) with the help of Mary Sue Ittner and others.
	After a month's break to survey and redefine the project, ATOW begins anew 
on February 1 with a new ATOW every 10 days (Feb 10, Feb 20 etc.). The 
topics for February are all related to spring bulbs. Becuase of these 
topics and in thanks to PBS, the two groups are presenting identical 
introductions by enthusiastic experts. Following this introduction is 
information on how to view the messages from both lists and how to join 
each list should you wish to know more.
	Mary Sue (for Pacific Bulb Society) and I (Jim Waddick for Alpine-L) 
expect each list to operate as usual and that each discussion will move in 
different directions as appropriate to their own interests. The TOW/ATOW 
topics for February will be Galanthus (Feb 1), Smaller Narcissus (Feb 10) 
and Smaller Tulipa (Feb 20). In March each group's topics will go their own 
	We remind all that the specific topics do not exclude any other discussion 
and that other questions, topics and requests may continue without 
interruption. Official topics may extend well beyond their announced period 
of ten days and discussions need not stop on any calendar date.
	We hope you will enjoy the new Alpine (ATOW) and the combined PBS February 
discussions. Please give feed back to Mary Sue Ittner of PBS  or any of the 
Alpine-L moderators (Paige, Sasha, Harry, Jim)

	Mary Sue Ittner <msittner at mcn.org>
	Harry Dewey <HTD10 at Columbia.edu>
	Sasha Borkovec <borkovec at erols.com>
	Paige Woodward <paige at hillkeep.ca>
	Jim Waddick <jwaddick at kc.rr.com>

	Thanks from Mary Sue and Jim with help from Paige, Sasha and Harry

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This has not yet been created yet, but as of January 2004 the PBS archives 
have a number of rousing contributions on Galanthus that Alpine-l members 
who are not pbs list members may find interesting.

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