the naming of snowdrops

Judy Glattstein
Mon, 19 Jan 2004 05:31:58 PST
Mark, the only problem with calling the double snowdrop with faint green
markings on the outer petals 'Walrus' is that I never bought, was given, or
knowingly acquired it. I did have lots of 'Virid-Apice'. Now I have hardly
any. The only double I had/ have is 'Desdemona'. Now I have lots of the
not-'Walrus'. Is a mystery. Good thing the plants know who they are.

Our driveway was plowed, overnight temperatures in the teens - good thing my
husband parked his car at the bottom of the driveway Saturday night because
I have not a clue when mine will leave the garage. Perhaps next spring.

Judy on the shady side of the street where the trees are etched with snow

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