yellow-flowered bulbs

Cathy Craig
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 19:41:10 PST
Dear all,

"As Mr. McKenney wrote: Nor is it just a question of the time of year: the 
latitude has something
to do with it. For as long as American gardeners have been visiting British
gardens, they have noticed that the light is different. It seems a
ridiculous thing to say: it's the same sun, isn't it? But it's true.
Washington is at about the same latitude as Athens or Lisbon; London is
well north of here. That apparently makes a huge difference in the quality
of the light during much of the day."

The quality of light, and the latitude, must have much to do with the way 
colors appear. On trips to the PNW and to Idaho, all the plants and trees 
look so much more beautiful than they do here in So Calif. Here many colors; 
deep maroons of trees, the blues and blue-greens of evergreens, look flat 
and boring. Up further north, they are fabulous and beautiful. I have never 
been to the UK, but I imagine the effect is much the same.

Cathy Craig EA

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