Judy Glattstein
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 08:09:40 PST
The way I understand it, in olden times bone meal was manufactured from
fresh bones, perhaps with some meat scraps still attached. Today, bones are
steamed to extract fats from the marrow, used to manufacture who knows what,
soap perhaps. And bones are mechanically scraped clean of meat scraps (that,
in these BSE-conscious times, I hope is used for pet food and not hot dogs.)
So much of what previously would have been incorporated as a plant nutrient
is removed. Besides, all the skunks in my neighborhood dig for the bones
they think are buried.

One fertilizer I used to get was leather tankage, a good dust-fine nitrogen
source produced in the manufacture of leather buttons at some Long Island
factory. Any other odd materials you've used and found valuable?

Judy in still cold, still snow-covered New Jersey

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