Crinum information from Dave Lehmiller

Alberto Castillo
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 04:42:19 PST
Dear all:
           Since there is an increasing attendance of people that are 
obviously newcomers to the world of bulb cultivation, let us add a few words 
on David. He is a doctor from Texas that has as a hobby the study of 
Crinums. Crinum as he briefly says in his comment is (rather was) in an 
taxonomic confusion. Certain problems were impossible to solve for 
specialists like Les Hannibal or amateurs like Thad Howard for the simple 
reasons that the comings and goings of those Crinums in cultivation could 
only be guessed. David took the most radical approach: to travel to each of 
the original locations and collect the real thing. This sound sensible but 
implied going to remote places in Africa where only the original explorers 
had been ...once, and remain equally remote and unapproachable. David 
travelled to those original locations, collected these invaluable materials 
and solved many taxonomical problems. He did this in his usual serious 
silent way so his name is little known by most gardening people. I doubt 
there is a monumental work like his being performed by a single individual 
and this on his own private fundings!
All the best

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