Allergic reactions

Floral Artistry/John Ingram
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 12:48:01 PST
When I was doing floral design work 5 days a week (or
more during holidays), I would have the most horrific
reastion to Alstroemaria. My finger would swell to the
point of feeling like ti was going to explode. Then it
would itch. Then it would crack. The only way to
releave the tension was to bath (not shower) when I
got home, scour my skin with a pumic stone to smooth
out the abrasions (and relieve the itching). Then I
would put cortaid on it. It would never heal but it
would be relieved for a day (maybe 2 depending on what
I designed). 
When I explained that I would no longer be working
with Alstroe, I was nearly hired. Not really but they
said it was not realisitic and to get over it. 
Well, I don't design as much as I used to (kind of sad
actually, I miss it) so my fingers have completley
healed but I am still cautious with the plants I
handle just in case. 

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