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Fri, 23 Jan 2004 10:00:15 PST
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>The same orange color I didn't like in Asiatics, I did like in 
>trumpets.  Admittedly, the shade of orange is not the same, but it is 
>orange.  So, why is the color I dislike in Asiatic lilies, likable in a 
>different type of Lily?
>   I've been thinking about that for several years now, and don't have a 
> really good answer.  Obviously, I don't dislike orange as a color, but 
> for some reason I have feelings about Asiatics in orange.

Ken ~

That's interesting since, for the most part, that has also been my 
reaction.  This past Summer I bloomed an orange lily that changed my 
perception and I've given some thought as to why.  The lily is a Ia, 
'Brunello.'  This is a luxuriantly leaved, dark stemmed and dark budded 
lily of the most beautiful, clear, spotless orange that one could 
imagine.  It is a true spectrum orange without the annoying infusion of red 
or yellow that has turned my off my appreciation of this color in the past 
(as it has for most others, as well, I suspect).  Most orange lilies have 
an infusion (undertone) of red or yellow that seems to irritate rather than 
attract.  Those colors are not present (or are perfectly balanced) in the 
color of 'Brunello,' thus, do not distract from the pure, soft, intense 
orange that is so appealing in this clone.  I have to tell you, that it's 
darned difficult to describe!  I recall just sitting there this summer and 
admiring these flowers thinking, "It's an orange! lily, yet, I find it so 
appealing!"  The best recommendation I could give is, "Try it -- you'll 
like it!"

Dave Karnstedt
Silverton, Oregon, USA
Cool Mediterranean climate with cool, wet winters and hot dry summers; USDA 
Zones 7-8 

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