TOW January
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 09:31:02 PST
Hello Group,
It seems I just keep finding more things to grow.  I've gotten off the ground 
with seed sowing on January 1.  For those growing Hippeatrum from seed, I 
used the floatation method in distilled water with 1 drop of Clearys 3336. Seeds 
are germinating well with bottom heat.  In less than a week nearly all the H. 
aulicum seeds are growing.  

I plan on twin scaling more bulbs today or Friday.  

A few of my Hipp hybrids are blooming.  I think one of my favorites in H. 
'Candy Floss'.  My H. 'La Paz' is showing bud growth.  Many more to bloom later.  
Lachenalia 'Pearsonii' is finishing and Veltheimia are coming on strong.  I 
have a Eucomis vandermerwei in bloom, crazy thing isn't even a year old!  Some 
Haemanthus are started winter cycle of leaves.

Happy growing from COLD, COLD Cleveland, OH where I wish I had a greenhouse,

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