Crinum & viruses

Kenneth Hixson
Tue, 20 Jan 2004 12:51:54 PST
Hi, members
>To throw my  two cents in...VIRUSED plants MUST BE Tossed
	I couldn't agree with Kevin Preuss more about needing to
be aware of, control or reduce the diseases in plants.  While it is 
at least theoretically possible to eliminate virus by tissue culturing, 
it is expensive and not something an amatuer would normally attempt.
Even testing for the presence of virus is almost beyond the reach
of an amateur gardener.
	One alternative is to grow from seed.  The dilemma that presents 
itself for a beginner with Crinum like me, is that Crinum seed is not 
very readily available, does not store well, and of course is slow to 
flower and may not be very valuable when it does flower.  I like growing 
plants from seed, and I have enough things going on that waiting isn't a 
problem, but just getting seed to try is a problem.
	Buying plants to bear seed may introduce the very virus or other
disease you are trying to avoid, and at least with crinum, there isn't
much assurance you will get seed from any crosses you make.  For someone
trying to get started, in an area outside the normal range of cultivation,
it can get a little frustrating-but then that is what gardening is about,
isn't it?  If we wanted easy, we'd all grow petunias or the like.
	Ken Z 7 Western Oregon

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