Paramongaia first flowering & Hipp. aulicum images

Cynthia Mueller
Tue, 13 Jan 2004 04:39:27 PST
Lee:  Wow!  What a success!  You must be really pleased with your
Paramongaia.  Can you tell us again whether  much rain falls on the
containerized plant during the winter?  And how cold is its coldest
exposure outside?

Cynthia W. Mueller

>>> 01/13/04 01:16AM >>>
I can't believe it but two of my Paramongaia weberbauriis are 
flowering. One is open and the other is sending up a bud. The flower is

fantastic! My Hippeastrum aulicum also flowered for the first time.

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena area, California, USDA Zone 9-10

Paramongaia weberbaurii. This is an amazing flower with a very pleasant

scent. First flowering for me. These grow outside all winter for me. 
Photos taken January 2004 by Lee Poulsen. The first image is of the bid

before it opened. The citrus in the second image is to get a sense of 
the size of the flower (it's a mandarin orange my neighbor just picked

off his tree).… 

Hippeastrum aulicum. This is the first time mine has bloomed for me. 
It's kind of nice getting such a pretty Hippeastrum bloom naturally 
outdoors in the middle of winter. Photos taken January 2004 by Lee 

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