Virus making the rounds

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 27 Jan 2004 09:49:03 PST
Dear All,

Our list has received about 5 messages this morning and yesterday from 
people not subscribed to this list that have viruses attached. There is no 
worry about your getting a virus from our list since we do not allow 
attachments and they are all stripped from any messages going out.

We suspect however that members of this list may have computers that are 
infected and they are generating messages to our list from the address 
books of the infected computers. Please everyone get virus protection and 
never open attachments that you have any questions about. Beware of any 
emails you receive that have attachments with these extensions:
.bat, .cmd, .pif, .exe, .scr, .zip

Unless you have requested something and the email is in response to that or 
you have downloaded something you wanted from the Internet it seems wise 
never to open any attachment with these extensions just as a precaution. 
And remove the message and the attachment from your computer without 
opening it. We have also written code so files with these attachments 
cannot be uploaded to the wiki.

If any of our members have opened an attachment recently with these 
extensions we suggest you get professional help immediately as it appears 
this latest virus has a way of allowing a hacker to take over your computer 
at a later date.

Mary Sue

PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)

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