Color perception and inventions

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on the RHS colour chart, since 1985 (actually 1986 according to the
copyright) there has been at least two other up-dates, one in 1995 and the
latest, which I plopped down a small fortune for, was released in 2001.  The
names are a thing of the past and only numbers are given, without reference
to previous names.  Although this must have been a painful decision for
many, I believe it is the only logical way to proceed.  Also, as the colour
families are now refered to in imperical names, such as red-purple,
yellow-orange, etc., users will develope a better understanding of
relationships and gradations.  The 4th fan of greyed colours is particularly
useful in recognising foliages and wild-flower nuances.  Although it is an
expensive toy at UK 135 Pounds, it is useful in selecting cultivars, as well
as noting hybridising results.  As we all know, photos are rarely
colour-true.  I, also, use it to note colours in other gardens and then
compare in my own garden.  A silly hobby for sure!

For those wishing to know more, go to:…

A generally interesting web-site!

Jamie V.

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> On 23 Jan 04 at 23:04, David Fenwick wrote:
> > I'm looking forward to the day when we'll get an RHS colour chart
> > for metallic colours.
> The ancient Repertoire du Coleurs color chart (French, early 1900's)
> has some metallic colors in it. However, before everyone runs out
> looking for this rarity, let me say that it's not awfully useful for
> horticultural purposes.
> As for the RHS chart, be aware that it's been through three editions.
> The first was in the late 1930's and made up of separate sheets, with
> named colors. The second was a complete revision around 1970, used
> the fanfold system, had the colors numbered rather than named, and
> included a broader range of colors than the first edition. The third
> came out around 1985, and afaik was the same as the second except for
> the holes in the centers of the color patches.
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