Favorite Yellow Flowered Bulbs--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 07:50:22 PST
Dear All,

This continues to be a really wonderful topic of the week. I love hearing 
from different parts of the world. We seem to be missing our southern 
hemisphere contingent however. Any nominations from Argentina (there are 
all those great South American Irids), New Zealand, Australia, South 
Africa? Many parts of Australia I expect to have a lot of light too so it 
would be interesting to know if people there who experience a lot of light 
are not fond of yellow.

Although there have been a few blanket votes for Narcissus, I think it 
would be interesting to have some favorites in that genus too. Maybe some 
of you who are especially fond of this genus can give us your choices for 
your favorite yellows and include Narcissus by name (although I don't want 
to preempt the joint topic of the week coming in February on this one.)

Tulipa batalini has made more than one list from more than one area. It was 
on my list. John has pointed out that it really is a clone of Tulipa 
linifolia. We probably need to fix that on the wiki. Do you have a 
suggestion John for how we can write it to distinguish between the 
beautiful red flowered ones and the ones you can still buy commercially as 
T. batalini with all the shades of yellow? Would it just be Tulipa 
linifolia (yellow clone often referred to as T. batalini)?

I think this topic deserves its own wiki page with all this information 
compiled in one place. I expect it might take a bit of time to pull it all 
together. And yes, Lee, I do plan to have future topics for other colors. 
Last year we had topics of the week where we discussed the best bulbs for 
different climates and I plan to every couple of months have a topic on 
favorite bulbs of different colors.

Mary Sue
TOW coordinator

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