Crinum 'White Queen'

J.E. Shields
Sun, 18 Jan 2004 11:04:01 PST

I think there are two "White Queen" varieties in circulation.  Mine is said 
to have been bred by Luther Burbank, as far as I can recall (this bulb came 
from Herb Kelly).  I ought to re-check this with Herb.  There is a lot of 
stuff, very interesting stuff,  from the early 20th century still floating 
around California in private gardens around old homes.  Burbank was not the 
only person doing some innovative hybridizing in California in those 
days.  Most of the people who remember it, unfortunately, are dying 
off.  Pity.  Herb thinks there are some really fantastic old Burbank things 
to be found there, and he thinks he has found several already.

Maybe Ben Zonneveld can check my 'White Queen' and the macowanii for me 
next season.  All the C. bulbispermum I had Ben look at have seem to be 
2n=22 (diploid).

It is always possible that 'White Queen' can be parthenogenic too.  I don't 
recall what the other (not macowanii) parent of 'White Queen' was.


At 06:38 PM 1/18/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Looks like White Queen is a polyploid, 2n = 44.
>The ref. for this polyploid 'White Queen' comes from KAVB and apparently it
>was bred by W. H. Henderson in 1930. White, waxy, with yellowish stripe on
>the reverse of the segments.
>Best Wishes,

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