Crocus leichtlinii and Narcissus romieuxii

Jane McGary
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 12:12:04 PST
I have posted a photo of the early-flowering "true blue" Crocus leichtlinii 
on the wiki:…

I have several seedling populations of this beautiful crocus, but I believe 
all of them stem from the KPPZ collection which I think was in the 1980s. 
It is not difficult to grow in the bulb frame, kept dry but not parched in 

I also posted a photo of Narcissus romieuxii var. rifanus, which I got 
under the name N. riffanus from Michael Salmon, who prefers the splitting 
approach to the genus.…

Both these pretty bulbs are in flower here in late January, along with a 
number of other crocuses and early Narcissus.
Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA'

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