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Floral Artistry/John Ingram floralartistry2000@yahoo.com
Tue, 20 Jan 2004 09:45:09 PST
Mary Sue, 
I will jump in here. I have been quite out of touch
lately but I have been reading the emails when I can. 
About my favorite yellow flowers, well. That is hard
for me since yellow is my least favorite color. But,
there are a few that I like despite that fact.
One plant that is on the top of my list right now are
2 clivia plants. I am a big fan of the yellow C.
miniata hybrids. They are such a bright draw since
they are not so common (in gardens or private
collections) as yet. There are a few who have them and
they are becoming more and more available but not
enough to put the impatiens growers out of business
The other clivia is one that I am getting several of
in a few weeks. I have a yellow C. gardenii coming. I
am hoping to add this into my breeding stock to ge
some interesting cyrtanthifloras with pastel colors. 
So, that is two down. Number three I would have to say
is my Sisyrinchium 'Puerto Yellow'. I have so many of
these little tufted plants. They just started
flowering here in SO. CA. a couple of weeks ago. I
expect them to continue for another 4 months. They are
only 8-10" tall but they grow and flower well in
partial shade or full sun. They have been in full sun
in the past but I have moved them into a shadier area
since my sun is limited at the beach in the winter.
They are flowering just as well now as before. 
So, number 4 would have to be some of the Sinningia
hybrids with yellow. 'Krezdorn Yellow' and aggregata
'Yellow' (both of which I am still wanting to get to
flower) are ones that I want to use in my breeding
programs. They are good reliable bloomers (for others)
and I think they will be just fine for hybrids. 
And lastly, Lilium 'African Queen'. It is not
completely yellow but close enough. It is a huge tower
of a lily and increases nicely over time. They
fragrance is nice and it surely is an eye catcher. 
So, there are my top 5. That was really hard <G>

John Ingram in L.A., CA. 
Soon to become http://www.floralarchitecture.com/ check it out soon

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