Cultural notes on Haemanthus

Daryl 'Dash' Geoghegan
Thu, 08 Jan 2004 05:49:31 PST
Pretty much as you have described Angelo, that is get more clone of the
species you want seeds from and cross pollinate, keep the pollen, what ever
you do, cross with a more varied gene pool.

The real power of a species in the population or number there of to be more
specific. Thousands  or even hundreds of Haemanthus working together to
genetically enrich fertilization in the wild during flowering time really
can't compare with single clone or two/ three clumps of collector grown

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Hi All,

this is not a question related to cultivation, but on seeds production. I
have a big clump of H.coccineus that flowers very well every year, but in
spite on my scupolous hand pollination, has never set any seed. Last year I
got two bulbs of another provenance and even if I have cross pollinated them
daily during flowering, I have got jts few berries.
I would remember that I have them outdoor all year around (zone 9b) and they
are watered during flowering too.
On the other hand, I saw on Dash's website a pic of a full head of seeds,
which makes me envious :-(
Are Hamenthus self sterile maybe?
Are there any tricks to get more seeds?

many thanks
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