"Novarg" Virus making the rounds

Ernie O'Byrne nargsbs@efn.org
Wed, 28 Jan 2004 21:54:40 PST
I can verify what Mark says. I currently run Norton Anti-Virus using
automatic updates (although yesterday I did a complete update manually, just
to be sure) and just now, it caught and quarantined two viruses that came in
messages, one with a zip extension and one with and htm extension. I have
since deleted both. In the several years that I have been running Norton, I
have received quite a number of viruses in e-mails and have never had the
system infected, so they really do do a good job of protecting the computer.
Perhaps other vendors are just as good (McAfee, for example), but I only
have first-hand knowledge of the Norton. But, you do have to do the regular
updates to be protected fully!

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Being in the position as an IT manager currently, for a 300 person firm, our
group has been very aware of the new virus woes these last couple days.  The
latest virus making the headlines is the Novarg or MyDoom virus.  Since some
advice was offered on computer viruses on this forum, I though I would offer
some clarifying points.


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