Another favorite yellow-flowered bulb

James Waddick
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 12:29:57 PST
>Dear all;

	Wish Jim McKenney would give his location when wishing for hardy bulbs.
Actually wish all would give location every time they say "here'!

	I've grown Lycoris chinensis in the garden here for years 
where it is totally hardy, multiplies and I get lots of seed. I 
should L.longituba flava, caldwellii, and probably L. koreana 
(although I haven't tried the latter outdoors yet).
	L. chinensis is a large impressive and gorgeous golden yellow 
late summer bloomer that is essential here in a cold Zone 5.

	Unfortunately L. aurea (and related L. traubii), both from 
Japan, are far commoner in the trade and far more tender too being 
unhappy with any serious frost.

>3. a truly hardy, vigorous yellow-flowered Lycoris

	Best		Jim W.

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