Crinum Pt Claire - Hybrids

David Sneddon
Sun, 18 Jan 2004 01:01:08 PST


I'm new to most of this as well but will give you what response I can.

The Powellii cross strictly speaking is C. moorei x C. bulbispermum and all the documentation I have read indicates that it does not usually set seed. It is seed sterile, yet it does have fertile pollen. Also I've never read of it setting seed but the wording suggests it can (but rarely), or does it suggests the pollen can be used??

To confuse matters even more other crinum hybrids are, and I generalize, lumped as Powellii when in fact they may be that or other crosses. (I may even be guilty of doing this see: and

Note that both my pics posted today bear a little resemblence to Les Hannibals 'White Mogul' (link above) ... but of course I say that by comparing a not so good picture with a brief description of height, and have little else to go on such as how many flowers open and so on....Its really not much to draw a conclusion either.

(Does anyone have a good picture of a 5ft white mogul?)

(Does anyone know what other crinum hybrids are seed or pollen fertile?)

In my opinion part of the crux of this problem is identification and the material available to do this with assurance.  So if anyone has the complete set of back copies of Herbertia or any other Crinum orientated works they want to donate, I know someone who they'd help greatly!

John E Bryan's "Bulbs" was a great work and had plenty of information listed and shown for Crinum. (John I think you need to take the Amaryllidaceae and expand them unto a work of their own. Let me know if you need a typist or proof reader...I make time!)

Les Hannibals work on Crinum Org and the Systematic Review is a great reference point also. This is where I learnt the names of some of these other crosses and I think I read hear that Jagus doesn't cross well (has there been any crosses with this species?). 

Dave Fenwick apparently has a lovely hardy plant and maybe he has been performing work to develop hardy crinums which he can share with the forum.

Dash or Jim located here in Australia have been playing with Crinums a few years (at least) longer than I so maybe if they are about they can add something.

(Jim would likely know if White Mogul was developed in Australia or the possiblity of it?)

Regards, David.


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