Crinum - Scabrum Zeylanicum - Milk and Wine
Thu, 01 Jan 2004 06:49:25 PST

I don't know about the various forms of C. scabrum in South Africa, but C. 
scabrum and its hybrids do well in southeast Texas.  C. bulbisperumum 
naturalizes and is most commonly seen around Houston, but C. scabrum is a pass-along 
plant in many southern gardens.  C. x herbertii (Milk and Wine) is also easily 
found along the Gulf Coast.  I don't think C. zeylanicum is too common (not 

Marcelle Sheppard in Beaumont, TX grows a number of C. scabrum.  They seem to 
enjoy zone 9, year round rain and lots of summer heat, and adequate but not 
exceptional drainage.  

Marcelle's Crinums 

Web Article:  Milk and Wine Lily (and relatives)… 


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