TOW - Veltheimia
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 17:36:14 PST
I decided not to contaminate the high praise of Veltheimia with bugaboo 
information. But here it is anyway:

I have this lot of Veltheimia that was purchased from a reputable grower.  It 
seems to show signs of mosaic.  (soft screams in the background)  I spoke 
with him about it and was assured that these signs show up on plants that have 
recently been stressed and are associated with stress, not pathogen.  OK ... now 
I will give these plants superior care.  Are Veltheimia susceptible to the 
same mosaic viruses as Hippeastrum?  Do they mask symptoms and only show them 
upon environmental stress?  Is this transferable to Hippeastrum?  Anyone have 
similar circumstances?  I'm ready to crash and burn when it comes to these 
plants as there are too many other plants to consider.

Still loving Veltheimia

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