Oregonian Article on Fritillaria

Sally Bourrie sbourrie@prodigy.net
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 07:31:11 PST
Dear Mr. O'Byrne:

I was wondering if I might speak with you for an article I'm doing on
fritillaria for the Oregonian.  I'm just getting started now so I don't have
specific questions ready, but if you're available at some point next week
and I could speak with you over the phone, I would be grateful.  I've
recently moved from Portland to Maryland -- coincidentally, just around the
corner from Jim McKenney whose garden I'm looking forward to seeing this
spring -- so I would need to do the interview over the phone, though I'd
prefer to visit your beautiful nursery, as I did when I was in Portland.

Thank you,

Sally Ruth Bourrie
Kensington, Maryland

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