favorite yellow-flowered bulbs

Pacific Rim paige@hillkeep.ca
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:55:04 PST
Some other yellow-flowered geophytes of note include:

Arisaema flavum (light cadmium yellow)

Arum creticum (spring-butter yellow)

Bongardia chrysogonum (cream, yellow and gold)

Corydalis schanginii subsp. ainae (white tipped bright gold with a drop of

Many, many Crocus spp. I disagree with my dear friend Jim Waddick on their
blahness (it's not his fault; he also likes bananas) and would specially
recommend C. vitellinus (the name means eggyolk-yellow) as a tough beauty
that multiplies fast enough to be relatively inexpensive. One could paint
swathes with it.

Disporum flavum (buttercup yellow)

Erythronium americanum (medium cadmium yellow)
E. grandiflorum (buttercup yellow; but many find it hard to keep)

Fritillaria aurea (cadmium yellow)
F. carica (greenish yellow)
F. pallidiflora (mimosa yellow)
F. pudica (cadmium yellow to greenish yellow, depending on the population)

Iris bucharica (OK, it's yellow and white, but presents as an eye-smack of
cadmium yellow)
I. innominata (warm medium cadmium yellow)
I. narbutii (dark gold)
I. orchioides (mimosa and butter yellows)

Lilium parryi (spring-butter yellow)
L. canadense (moving into apricot)
L. columbianum (gold)

Sisyrinchium californicum (buttercup yellow)

Tulipa -- I think these have been mentioned but let me recommend T.
batalinii, a lovely pale lemon yellow.

Uvularia grandiflora (sunshine tinged with green)

Pictures of most of these are available on the net. Most are also pictured
in the Bulbs section of my website.

Paige Woodward
on top of Chilliwack Mountain
in southwest British Columbia
wet Zone 6

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