Malcom Redwood query

Kenneth Hixson
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 12:25:34 PST
Hi, Malcom
>I sowed Lilium columbianium and L.bulbiferum var.croceum late last spring
and unlike L. pyrenaicium not a single one is up.

	Lilium columbianum is a west coast american lily, and like most of 
the west coast lilies, needs a cool moist period before germination--at least
sixty days at 40F(4.5C?).  It is of a class called hypogeal, meaning the
seed germinates
to form a bulblet before sending up a leaf.  The other class, epigeal, sends
up a narrow, linear cotyledon, usually with the seed coat on the end.  A true
leaf will be broader, and will soon form with an underground bulblet.
	L bulbiferum is a european lily, and has delayed hypogeal germination,
meaning it needs a warm, moist period before it also forms a bulblet, then
sends up a leaf.  Not sure of details, but about sixty days above 50F(10C?).

	I think the following URL is still active, an article on growing 
lilies from seed:
If not, I can provide a copy if anyone is interested.

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