What is your experience with Consan?

ConroeJoe@aol.com ConroeJoe@aol.com
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 11:10:59 PST

I have used Consan Triple Action 20 for a number of years on seedlings.  It 
is not necessary for all seedlings, but I do use it for seeds that I'm 
germinating indoors under lights, or for seeds that need very high humidity for weeks 
in order to germinate (cacti, some bulbs, etc.).  I use Consan in conjunction 
with typical precautions one might take with prized seed: baked soil 
components, seed free of chaff, etc.  

When I plant the seeds I water them in with 400 ppm Consan (1  
tablespoon/gallon).  Later, I typically mist the seeds/seedlings with a 200 ppm solution of 
Consan; I do this as long as they stay in high humidity conditions or low air 
movement situations (under lights).  

Consan is a solution of 3 similar quaternary amines, very similar to they 
type of surface disinfectant used in hospitals to wipe down bathrooms, door 
handles, etc.  It has low toxicity for birds, reptiles, and mammals.  Additionally, 
it degrades very quickly once in contact with soil, and probably is 
completely degraded in 2-3 days at room temperature.  For me, the results are always 
good--essentially no damping off and I never have damping off problems.  A few 
times I did my dilutions incorrectly and used Consan at 4,000 ppm, and I never 
observed any phytotoxicity.  

A few days ago someone on this list (I think this list) mentioned they use 
Consan.  I didn't think about it at the time but I seem to recall they use 20 
ppm.  Does anyone use Consan at concentrations less than 200 ppm?  Does it give 
good results?  I'm always willing to use less of everything and I'd enjoy 
hearing other experiences with Consan.  

Also, does anyone apply it concurrent with fertilizer?  Sometimes I mix it up 
with one tenth-strength MiracleGro (generic brand) and apply the mix to 


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