Growth cycle info for BX 54

Dell Sherk
Fri, 09 Jan 2004 03:54:56 PST
Alberto Castillo has kindly provided us with the growth cycle information
for BX 54. Thank you Alberto!

(W = winter-growing; S = summer growing; WE = winter-growing, evergreen)

From Hamish Sloan:
Nerine sarniensis cvs: (W) (NOTE: Priority will be given to those who did
not receive any seed from Hamish's last contribution.)

1. Caroline (W)
2. Hanley  Castle (W)
3. White Swan (W)
4. Red Emperor (W)
5. Orange Queen (W)
6. Uncle A x Jill #1 (W)
7. Uncle A x Jill # 5 (W)
8. Vestal (W)
9. Maria (W)
10. BL10 - unnamed hybrid ex Blackmore & Langdon when they gave up on nerine
11. LL11 - Lost label, but it is an Uncle A x Jill hybrid different from the
others sent. (W)

12. Nerine pudica, white form (W)

From Paul Tyerman:

13. Erythronium 'White Beauty' (W)
14. Albuca canadense (W)
15. Moraea macrocarpa (W)
16. Narcissus fernandezii (W)
17. Crocus tommasinianus (W)
From Joyce Miller:
18. Alophia drumondii (S)
19. Bulblets of Phaedranassa viridiflora,(S) "Planting depth:  neck of bulbs
should be level with soil surface; Soil:  good drainage with added humus;
Exposure:  sun, part shade in hot climates; Dormancy:  flexible, but should
have at least two months' dormancy induced by drying off, usually best in
winter months; Water requirements:  keep moist while in growth; Suitable
for:  container, greenhouse, garden in frost-free areas."
20. Seed of Haemanthus albiflos (see separate posting about culture) (WE)
21. Seed of Narcissus tazetta 'Autumn Colors' strain, open-pollinated (W)
22. Seed of Alstroemeria psittacina (S)
23. Dierama hybrids, nearly flat flowers, pale pink (S)
24. Dierama, pink (S)
25. Dierama, later pink, starts as others finish (S)
26. Dierama, lurid rose (S)
27. Dierama, lavender (S)
28. Bloomeria crocea (W)
29. Camassia leichtlinii var. Sibthorpii (W)
30. Crocosmia, short red, open-pollinated, (Montbretia x crocosmia
'Lucifer') (S)
31. Croscosmia, same as #30, but tall (S)
32. Mirabilis longiflora (S)
33. Mirabilis multiflora (S)

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