where to purchase crinums - other resources

Stacy Doolittle Doherty feygirl@grandecom.net
Fri, 02 Jul 2004 11:15:40 PDT
I'd like to recommend http://www.oldhouse.gardens.com/
<http://www.oldhouse.gardens.com/>  for crinum purchases.


I see that Marcelle in Texas was listed earlier. Here is her website
(down-home web design that one rarely sees):


The small but outstanding Yucca Do Nursery (mail order only, in Hempstead,
Texas), also has crinums. http://www.yuccado.com/index.htm. A search of
their site shows Crinum jagus 'Rattrayii, Crinum oliganthum, Crinum procerum
va splendens (purple-leaved Queen Emma's lily), Crinum x 'Bradley', Crinum x
'Elizabeth Traub', Crinum x 'Hannibal's Dwarf' and Crinum x 'Summer


I would be interested in finding out how to locate what Roy Works in Florida
has, as I have seen him mentioned as a source for bulbs. Could anyone


Stacy Doolittle-Doherty


Austin, Texas USA



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