Globba wenitii

Glen Pace
Wed, 14 Jul 2004 23:19:48 PDT
I have been on the mailing list since January of this year. Now I am hoping to get some help from the group. I am searching for Globba wenitii and have not had a lot of luck finding a source. I have the yellow flowered variety growing in a container in full sun and stating quite damp in our very rainy summer this year. 

Years ago I had a variety purchased from Home Depot that did very well for a number of years but was a total loss after being stored too wet for winter. Our autumn is normally very wet and the pots must be protected from the rains to prepare them for a long winter in a 50-55 degree storage area.

I am searching for the 'Dancing Ladies' in their different color forms. I know of three colors, Mauve, White, and a supposed Red. If anybody on the list knows of a source for these I would be most appreciative if they would share the information.

Glen Pace
Michigan  Zone 5 and very damp this summer  

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